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Klientu Drošība (Customer Safety)

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Good evening gentlemen.


I am new in a forum and new in a Riga city so a little help is required.

Some time ago I was trying to visit some lady's in the other town and got in to big trouble (so called ,,razvod"). Got beaten all my stuff was taken away end etc. since then I am very scared to call or to visit a girl. 

My question is is it safe to out call or visit lady's in Riga? I do understand some Latvian and I have red allot of atsauksmes but still have some doubts. So could some experienced gentlemen explain is there any danger in this arena.

And the second request would any recommend any lady which would be 100% safe to call out or visit. 

I apologize but I do not write Latvian. I also understand Russian.


Thanks allot and have a great evening

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These girls shall be more or less save to visit. However, as your presences and service expectations are not clear I can't ether recommend nor hold you from visiting them:







You can search by phone number for a feedback on these girl's sevices on this forum to understand if they actually suit you (well you'll have to use google translate for that).


Good luck!

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Latvia and your further visits will leave positive memories.


That being said - it is uncommon for getting into trouble (being beaten up). Or at least I haven't read about such experiences before (there's only one recent post in the forum that describes similar experience). I hope this doesn't come "extra" because of being non-local...


Anyway, I can only repeat what the previous commentators said - almost all of the photos you'll find when looking for latvian escort girls, will be fake. So - extra caution is needed. To avoid wasting your time looking for an appropriate girl, check the feedback from others here (by searching girl's phone number in this forum). Also, a safe choice wood be to choose "VIP" (high-end, costlier) girls that have been VERIFIED by other forum members - previously linked girls (see previous comment) are a very good choice. I would also recommend giving a call to "Daniela" (+371 28131914).


Have a great time and stay safe!

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Riga city center is pretty safe because there are cameras and lots of police. I suggest call girl out to some city center hotel like Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija. There are a lot of foreigners who call girls out and nobody will notice you. In general nobody likes foreigners so stay alert.


BTW if you speak Russian you will feel like home in Latvia. Everybody speaks Russian here. Welcome.

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